A New Way
to Relieve Pain

STEP ASIDE, Ibuprofen. This is why TheraGun came to be. TheraGun helps to alleviate persistent muscle pain and discomfort in a way that is natural and meaningful.

TheraGun provides a natural way to treat common conditions such as muscle soreness, spasms, tightness and knots and more extreme ailments such as phantom pain, plantar fasciitis and multiple sclerosis.

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Is it magic?

Yes! Well, no not really – but it sure feels like it. It’s actually pure science and a truckload of muscle, joint and brain physiology – we know pain.

Your awesome big brain processes different stimuli from the body in the form of varying frequencies. Pain typically manifests as one specific frequency, and the brain has a hierarchy of frequencies that is processed in a very particular sequence. Introduce a mind-blowing proprietary frequency to interject that hierarchy and boom, the pain is hijacked – the brain is instead processing the soothing stimulus of targeted vibration – and you’re in eternal bliss.

Our calibrated 35-40 Hertz frequency is higher than most persisting pain but not too high that the brain would cease to process it altogether – it’s the perfect balance of frequency and amplitude that overrides most other stimuli, allowing for effective relief and increased motion to aid the healing process. That’s the secret sauce. Get out of the pain, and let life reign.

Pain relief without any pills.