Comparison: G2PRO versus G1

The G2PRO is TheraGun's latest innovation in the line of handheld vibration therapy devices that improve muscle care and movement for its users, but how does it differ from its previous iteration, the G1? Here we will highlight some of the differences and answer any questions you might have. 

$599 USD $599 USD
Rotations Per Minute (RPM)
2000-2500 RPM 2000-2500 RPM
33-40 Hz 33-40 Hz
3 lbs. 8 oz. 3 lbs. 2 oz.
Battery Use Time
30-40 minutes 20 minutes
Full Charge Time
50 minutes 60 minutes
LED Battery Indicator
Perpetual Power On/Off Switch
Carry Case
Number of Removable Batteries
2 1
AmpBIT Attachment
Smooth Ball-Bearing Attachment Spring Latch
Number of AmpBITs Included
4 2
Includes Gentle Dampener Attachment
Arm Rotation Mechanism
Easy Button-Activated Rotation Safety Latch Release
International Compability
USA, Canada, UK, EU Only USA and Canada

The patent-pending G2PRO took over a year of research and development to launch and uses the best industrial components. We are excited to share with you the following highlights: 

  • A new, sleek ergonomic design and length made for the user's comfort and convenience
  • An extended battery life and LED power indicator
  • An easy on/off switch that replaces the G1's safety trigger
  • An ball-bearing attachment for the new patent-pending AmpBITs that allows for seamless attachment/detachment
  • A new and improved internal motor for better weight balance and performance

How is the G2PRO value compared to that of the G1?

The G2PRO will come with a full pack of 2 batteries, the 3 original AmpBITs, 1 brand new AmpBIT, and a new carrying case to allow you to take the G2PRO anywhere. Retailing at $599, the fully loaded G2PRO is $50 cheaper than the G1 was. The G2PRO is the next great leap for handheld vibration therapy to enable you to do more of what you love.

Is there any compatibility between G1 accessories and those of the G2PRO?

Due to the enhanced designs of the G2PRO and its complementary parts, there is unfortunately no compatibility between the G1 AmpBITs, battery, and charger and the G2PRO accessories.